Water Supply Status

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As of Friday, Sept. 15, the status of the Hillsborough West Fork Eno Reservoir is the following:

  • Depth — 40.9 feet
  • Percentage full — 91.1 percent
  • Days of water supply remaining — 315
  • Average water use for week ending:
    • Sept. 8 — 1.390 million gallons per day
    • Sept. 1 — 1.428 mgd
    • Aug. 25 — 1.433 mgd
    • Aug. 18 — 1.394 mgd
    • Aug. 11 — 1.404 mgd
    • Aug. 4 — 1.448 mgd
    • July 28 — 1.517 mgd
    • July 21 — 1.398 mgd

The West Fork Eno Reservoir is about 25 inches below full. The minimum release for September is 1.0 cubic feet per second (449 gallons per minute, 0.646 million gallons per day), which is being exceeded by the controlled release, which is currently at 2.4 cfs in order to keep the Eno River flow in Hillsborough above the minimum required flow. At the town's current water use level, it has approximately 315 days of water supply remaining. The average water use during the last four weeks was 1.411 million gallons per day (a 2.1 percent decrease over the previous four-week period). Compared to the same four-week period in 2016, the town is using 0.4 percent less water.

Construction on the Phase 2 expansion of the West Fork Eno Reservoir is anticipated to begin later this year or early in 2018. Just prior to the start of construction, the town will be lowering the water level by approximately 4 1/2 feet to enable work on the dam and spillway. The water level will remain lowered for approximately one year while construction proceeds.

Hillsborough water customers are not currently subject to any water use restrictions. The town is currently subject to Stage 1 capacity use water withdrawal restrictions, which limits withdrawal from the Eno to 1.51 million gallons per day. Since the town is using less than that amount and releasing extra water from the West Fork Eno Reservoir, this limit does not have any effect on operations.

Lake Orange is full.

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Laws, Julie
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