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Code Enforcement Complaint

Use this form to submit a code enforcement complaint.

Code violation type:
Noxious growth — overgrown yard or tall grass
Junked vehicle — non-moving car parked in the street
Solid waste — household trash or clutter in the yard
Minimum Housing Code — my dwelling is substandard
Minimum Housing Code — I know of a substandard dwelling
Minimum Housing Code — too many people living in one dwelling
Other (describe below)

Code violation description:

Code violation address:

Most situations require us to notify the property owner of the violation and give between 10 and 30 days to bring it into compliance. The town's goal is long-term compliance, not the collection of fines, so we may grant longer time periods for large problems.

We do not provide information about who complained unless specifically and directly asked. Having your contact information allows us to update you after our inspection on what our next steps will be.

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