Water Supply Status

West Fork Eno Reservoir
West Fork Eno Reservoir

The town gets its water from the Eno River, with reserves stored in the West Fork Eno Reservoir and Lake Orange.

As of Feb. 2:

  • West Fork Eno Reservoir is 60.4 percent full.
  • Lake Orange is 100 percent full.
  • There are 195 days of water supply remaining, based on recent demand and no further rainfall.
  • Current risk of drought shortage is minimal.
  • Average water use for the week was 1.445 million gallons per day.
  • Average water use for the last four weeks was 1.416 million gallons per day.
  • Compared to the same four weeks last year, the town used 0.1 percent less water.

Current restrictions

Hillsborough water customers are not subject now to any water use restrictions. The town is subject to Stage 1 water withdrawal restrictions, limiting withdrawal from the Eno River to 1.51 million gallons per day. Since the town is using less than that amount and releasing extra water from the West Fork Eno Reservoir, this limit does not have any effect on operations.

Please note

Construction on the Phase 2 expansion of the West Fork Eno Reservoir is anticipated to begin in 2018. In preparation for the start of construction, the town has lowered the water level by approximately 7.1 feet to enable work on the dam and spillway. The water level will remain lowered for approximately one year while construction proceeds.