Downtown Traffic Diverted due to Gas Leak

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

Downtown traffic had to be diverted for about an hour this morning after a natural gas line was pierced during construction for Churton Street access improvements.

A new guardrail is being installed along the east side of Churton Street between the Eno River bridge and the intersection with Nash and Kollock Street due to the existing one being noncompliant with current regulations.

While installing the guardrail, workers accidentally pierced a gas line, and traffic was diverted around the construction area while the site was secured. The Orange Rural Fire Department and Hillsborough Police Department responded within minutes to secure the area and direct traffic. The detour caused traffic backups on U.S. 70A and Eno Mountain Road.

Repairs to the gas line are currently underway, and traffic flow has been restored. The guardrail work already had been expected to cause traffic disruptions beginning today, as it required closing the northbound lane. A flagging crew is working at the site to alternate moving northbound and southbound traffic through the southbound lane, but delays are expected. Workers will do everything possible to have work at the site completed and the site reopened by 4 p.m. today, but work must continue until the installation is complete for safety.

For more information, see the latest Churton Street construction update, or contact Public Space Manager Stephanie Trueblood by email or by phone at 919-296-9481.