Community Survey Results Show Overall Satisfaction

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017
Community Survey Results Show Overall Satisfaction
This chart, showing overall satisfaction with town services, is among findings in a report on the recent community survey.

The results of the Town of Hillsborough’s community survey are available for review and show broad satisfaction in the overall quality of life and services in Hillsborough.

“It’s heartening that the survey results are very so very affirming!” Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens said. “On the majority of measures, our citizens rated Hillsborough not only favorably but far more favorably than what is average in most communities. The survey results show that overall our citizens feel that Hillsborough is on the right path.”

More than 500 residents completed the survey, which was sent to all Hillsborough households in October. The results show that more than 80 percent of residents surveyed are very satisfied or satisfied with the overall quality of life in Hillsborough and with the overall quality of services provided by the town.

Benchmarking data shows the town rated the same as or above the U.S. average in all 48 areas that were assessed for satisfaction and the same as or above the average for communities with populations under 30,000 in 47 of the 48 areas. Enforcement of local traffic laws received satisfaction ratings of 66 percent compared with the average of 67 percent for communities with populations under 30,000. Also of note, the town rated significantly higher for satisfaction than the U.S. average in 43 areas and significantly higher than the average for communities under 30,000 in 46 areas.

Most respondents surveyed say they want to see the town focus most on the maintenance of town streets and on water and sewer services over the next two years. The town repaves about 5 percent of town-maintained streets each year, following a replacement schedule of about every 20 years for roadways. Most municipalities operate on a longer cycle, replacing streets every 30 to 50 years. See a video on the town’s street resurfacing program. Also, a number of streets within town are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, which is responsible for pavement, curb and gutter repairs; signs; and snow removal. A listing of state-maintained roadways is available, along with NCDOT contact information, on the Streets page of the town website. Regarding water and sewer services, the town has contracted with Government Finance Officers Association for the selection of new utility billing software. A joint statement on water and sewer billing is available on the Water and Sewer Billing and Collections page of the town’s website.

This was the first year that the town has conducted a comprehensive community survey that is statistically valid. The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners discussed the results of the survey on Nov. 27 during a work session at the Town Barn. Staff and the board also will continue to analyze the results to use them in decision-making, including in developing financial and operational plans for fiscal years 2019-21.

“We value public policy decisions that are based on information more than ideology,” the mayor said. “It’s fabulous to have this comprehensive and systematic overview of how Hillsborough residents perceive our town and town government and to have that information benchmarked against other small cities and towns across America. This is information that we can and will use.”

Regarding communication, the survey shows that most respondents want to receive information through the town’s email subscription lists, website and social media outlets. These information methods are provided below for easy access and to subscribe:

“As town officials, we really value what citizens have to say,” Stevens said. “We take to heart comments from our residents. You can make a difference through engaging your local government officials, and we greatly appreciate those who took the time to complete the survey. Thank you!”

For more information, contact Hillsborough Assistant to the Town Manager Jen Della Valle by email or by phone at 919-296-9424.

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