Calling Artists to Create a ‘Bee Hotel’

Friday, June 16, 2017
Calling Artists to Create a ‘Bee Hotel’
Located in the pollinator garden at Durham's Museum of Life and Science, the varying textures and shapes of this "bee hotel" created by Reeve Sampson provide shelter and shade.

Interested in helping native pollinators while creating the art you love?

The Town of Hillsborough, in partnership with the Orange County Arts Council and the Hillsborough Tourism Development Authority, is seeking an artist to design and build a large, permanent showcase pollinator habitat art piece.  

The artist will install the “bee hotel” near the pollinator garden in Gold Park, located at 415 Dimmocks Mill Road, and maintain it for three years.

In 2016, Hillsborough became the 35th city to be named a “Bee City USA.” With that title comes a commitment to building healthy habitats for pollinators and raising awareness of the benefits of pollinators in the community.

The bee hotel project spotlights the 500 species of bees native to North Carolina, many of which live solitary lives and seek a safe, tunnel-like dwelling to lay eggs and care for their young.

“Pollinators are critical to the sustainability of our food system and play an important role in overall ecosystem health, “said Hillsborough Public Space Manager Stephanie Trueblood. “Native pollinators are experiencing habitat loss due to development and degradation of the environment.  This project seeks to provide refuge for native pollinators while integrating public art with environmental purpose. I’m excited to see what type of proposals come forward and glad for an opportunity to raise awareness about this important topic.”

Bee hotels can be built from a range of materials including bamboo, wood with holes drilled in it or a mixture of clay and sand held together with mesh. They can be spectacular or simple.

The Hillsborough Tourism Development Authority, Orange County Arts Commission, and the Town of Hillsborough have committed a total of $3,000 for this project.

Submissions are due by 5 p.m. on July 14. Details about the project requirements, selection process and schedule are available on the Orange County Arts Commission website.

The project will be unveiled in Gold Park on Oct. 28, with corresponding workshops hosted by the Hillsborough Arts Council taking place at the River Park Concert.

For more information contact Public Space Manager Stephanie Trueblood by email or at 919-296-9481.

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