Churton Street Project Update — June 30, 2017

Friday, June 30, 2017
Churton Street Project Update — June 30, 2017
Construction crews have prepared the west side of North Churton Street for the installation of large concrete stormwater pipes to replace failing small clay pipes before installing a wider sidewalk.

Construction crews working on the Churton Street access improvements are on schedule and working in multiple areas.

Sidewalks and piping

On the west side of North Churton Street between West King Street and the Mercantile Center, crews have prepared to install new larger concrete stormwater pipes and catch basins by demolishing the existing sidewalk and a strip of the roadway. The installations will begin next week. Piping installation will start at the corner of West King Street and move up the street toward the police station. Once the stormwater pipe is in place, crews will finish demolishing the existing sidewalk to prepare to install new sidewalks that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Handicap ramps

Construction crews have removed several of the existing handicap ramps on the east side of Churton Street between East Margaret Lane and East Tryon Street to prepare the areas for installation of new ADA-compliant ramps. Only one handicap ramp is closed at each intersection at a time so that pedestrian traffic can continue to flow through the intersections using the three sides that are not closed. Temporary gravel is placed at the ramps that have been removed so that pedestrians can cross. Pouring of the new ramps is schedule to begin July 5, weather permitting. Each ramp takes a day to complete.

Bus stop

At the bus stop created adjacent to the Orange County Justice Facility, the curb and gutter is constructed and the bank has been backfilled. Next week, a crew plans to frame and pour sidewalk in this area. A construction crew is building a short retaining wall at the base of the traffic signal light’s mast arm at the Nash and Kollock Street intersection. Once the retaining wall and sidewalk are installed, grass seed will be planted on the bank.

Access during weekend and holiday

The contractor will end operations and secure the site by 4 p.m. today and will resume work on July 5.

The Last Fridays arts event takes place this evening; and Picnic in the Park, a Fourth of July festival, will take place this Sunday. To provide better access for the weekend festivals and holiday, temporary gravel will be placed around the northwest corner of North Churton and West King streets by the restaurant Antonia’s to reopen pedestrian passage. The crosswalks at that location cannot be temporarily opened due to liability, but visitors will be able to make the connection between North Churton and West King streets. Crosswalks at the other three sides of the intersection remain open for pedestrians. The town will try to open as many public parking spaces as possible for the weekend and holiday.

More information

The Churton Street Access Improvements Project is a partnership between the town and the N.C. Department of Transportation, with much of the funding coming from state and federal sources. The project corridor is within the right-of-way for Churton Street, which is maintained by the state.

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