Hillsborough Not Distributing Water Testing Kits

Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017

Town of Hillsborough water customers receiving water testing kits in the mail should note that the kits are from a private company unaffiliated with the town.

The Hillsborough Water Treatment Plant routinely tests for more than 150 contaminants in the town’s drinking water according to federal and state laws. Two lab-certified operators perform daily bacterial checks at the plant, and plant employees also conduct 24-hour monitoring and evaluation of the town’s drinking water. Monthly, the town collects 15 bacteriological samples throughout the water distribution system. The town’s utilities inspector also collects five samples every week to help maintain disinfection levels at the extremities of the town’s water lines.

Hillsborough water customers should note that installation of a whole house filter prevents the town from performing water quality tests at the home as the filter is considered secondary water treatment by the state and EPA. Test results at such homes would not provide data on the water that Hillsborough delivers.

For customers who have a water issue and no filtration system installed on their plumbing, the town will check the property’s water lines and conduct bacteriological tests at no cost to the customers to help resolve any issues. The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality also provides a listing of certified drinking water laboratories should a customer want to pay for outside testing.

Hillsborough’s water quality report is issued each summer for the previous year. Paper copies are available at most town facilities, and the most recent report is available on the town’s website.