Churton Street Project Update — Sept. 22, 2017

Friday, Sept. 22, 2017
Churton Street Project Update — Sept. 22, 2017
Crews will work today and Saturday to complete a handicapped-access ramp at the northeast corner of King and Churton streets.

Progress is being made this week on replacing handicapped-access ramps as part of Churton Street access improvements.

Several ramps have already been replaced with a design compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and this week saw a new ramp poured at the southeast corner of King and Churton streets. Crews will work today and Saturday to complete another ramp at the northeast corner.

In the coming week, workers will replace ramps at the northwest corner of the intersection of Nash and Kollock and South Churton streets and the northeast corner of Margaret Lane and South Churton Street. Some curbing adjacent to the second ramp will be replaced at the same time.

Sidewalks and driveway aprons

Other concrete work this week included pouring new driveway aprons in front of the Orange Rural Fire Department station between West Margaret Lane and Nash and Kollock Street and adjacent to the Mercantile Center between West Tryon and West King streets. The apron adjacent to the Mercantile Center had been replaced in August but, while it met design specifications, the town found it to be too steep for some vehicles to pass safely. Until the concrete has cured, the driveway will be exit-only with traffic entering the West King Street Parking Lot through the West King Street driveway. The driveway will reopen to two-way traffic after the concrete has cured.

While the driveway apron is curing, workers will replace a small section of sidewalk adjacent to the Mercantile Center. Workers also may begin laying brick sidewalk pavers between West Margaret Lane and the fire station by late next week. Installation of pavers, as well as handrails along the elevated section of sidewalk near the intersection of West King and South Churton streets, will depend on subcontractor availability.


On-street parking south of King Street will reopen once asphalt patching is complete.

Use caution

Construction crews will continue to work in several areas at once in order to stay on schedule for substantial completion of improvements by the end of October. Workers will use flaggers and lane shifts as they work on the edge of the right-of-way. During weekdays, lane shifts and lane closings are limited to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to accommodate rush-hour traffic. 

Citizens are reminded to observe safety signs and to stay clear of construction areas. Also, downtown businesses are open and access to them is being maintained.

More information

The Churton Street Access Improvements Project is a partnership between the town and the N.C. Department of Transportation, with much of the funding coming from state and federal sources. The project corridor is within the right-of-way for Churton Street, which is maintained by the state.

For additional information:

  • Visit the project page on the town’s website.
  • See the video Pardon Our Dust on the town’s YouTube channel.
  • Contact Public Space Manager Stephanie Trueblood by email or by phone at 919-296-9481.