Hillsborough’s Assistant Utilities Director to Retire

Monday, Sept. 25, 2017
Hillsborough’s Assistant Utilities Director to Retire
Assistant Utilities Director Will Baker will retire from the Town of Hillsborough on Sept. 26.

Assistant Utilities Director Will Baker will retire from the Town of Hillsborough on Sept. 26 after 11 years in the position.

Baker started work with the town in September 2006, managing the Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Division and assisting with other duties related to the town’s utilities systems.

“Will has been one of the best work partners I could imagine,” said Town Engineer and Utilities Director Kenny Keel. “His knowledge, support and leadership have helped to guide the Hillsborough Utilities Department to make vast improvements in service and reliability. While it is true that everyone is replaceable, the hole left by Will’s departure will never be completely filled.”

Baker was among the first to make service videos for the town, creating a What’s Happening Hillsborough video series that gave water customers information in a new way. As part of that series, he created videos on what to expect when the town’s water meters were changed, on the problems of allowing grease to enter pipes and on the semi-annual fire hydrant flushing program.

Baker also has hosted a weekly radio show, The Lunch Crunch, on WHUP 104.7 FM since the local station started in October 2015. Baker’s show, which ends this week, offered another opportunity for citizens to learn about town government and its employees through regular interviews. It also gave Baker a chance to use his prior experience in radio.

“I have enjoyed the people more than anything,” Baker said. “I will not miss the paperwork.”

In his free time, Baker has been a musician for years, playing several instruments including the guitar, keyboard, mandolin, drums and bass. He writes and produces songs for use in advertisements and to perform for audiences. Some of his music has been included in town videos.

In retirement, Baker looks forward to concentrating on his music career in Carteret County.