New Video Shows Reasons behind ‘No Wipes in the Pipes’

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017
New Video Shows Reasons behind ‘No Wipes in the Pipes’

The Town of Hillsborough’s latest service video, No Wipes in the Pipes, gives you the poop on why only the 3 P’s should be flushed down toilets.

An ordinance adopted by the town last November restricts flushing to pee, poo and toilet paper by banning certain materials from the sewer system. Some items banned seem self-evident — like plastic bags, thread, fabric, cans and bottles. Yet they are winding up in the town’s sewer system. Other items may not be so readily apparent, but they also wreak havoc with sewer pipes, causing blockages that require cleanup and possibly repair. These include tampons, towelettes and even those wipes marketed as “flushable.”

Hillsborough’s specialist on fats, oil and grease and on sewer backflow, Troy Miller, leads viewers through a demonstration of why wipes should not be flushed, including showing where those wipes and other items wind up and how they cost water and sewer customers extra money.

“We need you to do your part,” Miller states near the end of the five-minute video. “Only flush the 3 P’s — pee, poo and toilet paper. All other items should be thrown in the trash can.”

See the video on the town’s YouTube channel.

For more information, contact Backflow and FOG Specialist Troy Miller at 919-732-9459 or by email. FOG refers to the Hillsborough Fats, Oil and Grease Program to eliminate those items from the sewer system.

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