Hillsborough to Begin Resurfacing Streets

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018
Hillsborough to Begin Resurfacing Streets
Once door hangers have been delivered to businesses and residences on affected streets, vehicles should not be parked along the road on those streets.

A contractor for the Town of Hillsborough expects to begin resurfacing streets next week, the week of Oct. 29.

Failing asphalt will be removed and replaced on all or part of the following streets:

  • Hampton Pointe Boulevard
  • Executive Court
  • Cardinal and Lakeshore drives
  • Elizabeth Brady Road
  • Latimer and North Wake streets
  • Scotsburg Trail

Dependent on weather, the work will start Tuesday, Oct. 30 with manhole and water valve covers adjusted in height at all sites over two days. Milling and patching of asphalt and paving will follow, with work focused on one street at a time starting on Nov. 1 and lasting through Nov. 16. Milling, patching and resurfacing should take about one day of work at Elizabeth Brady Road and Scotsburg Trail and two days at other sites.

Door hangers will be placed at residences and businesses prior to resurfacing operations. Once door hangers are delivered, vehicles should not be parked on affected roads. The public is advised to use caution in work zone areas.

Paving program

Satterfield Paving will perform the work in a contract not to exceed $385,000. Of the total, $165,000 will be paid from funds from the North Carolina Street-Aid Program, also known as Powell Bill funds. These allocations from gas tax proceeds are distributed to municipalities based on a formula of population and road miles. The remaining funding will be provided by the town’s general fund, primarily funded through municipal property taxes.

The streets to be paved this fiscal year represent an estimated 5,907 feet of town roads. Additional streets may be resurfaced with any remaining funds.

About every five to seven years, Hillsborough contracts with an engineering firm to analyze the condition of town-maintained roads. This analysis helps to determine which roads are paved in a given year. A video on the town’s YouTube channel explains in detail how streets are chosen.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation maintains a number of roads within the Hillsborough limits, including the town’s main thoroughfares. See the Streets page of the town’s website for a listing of these roads.

For more information, contact Public Works Director Ken Hines by email or by phone at 919-296-9601.