Town to Bid Farewell to Stickwork Sculpture

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018
Town to Bid Farewell to Stickwork Sculpture
The Stickwork sculpture by artist Patrick Dougherty was dedicated in November 2015.

This year will mark the last holiday season for the Stickwork sculpture that has drawn citizens and visitors to the Riverwalk greenway for over three years.

Formally known as A Sight to Behold, the sculpture by artist Patrick Dougherty was dedicated in November 2015 and expected to remain in place for about two years. The town and the Hillsborough Arts Council plan to remove the sculpture in mid-January, but a major storm could require earlier removal.

The Arts Council is encouraging citizens to join in a ceremonial sendoff for the sculpture during its annual Solstice Lantern Walk at 5:45 p.m. on Dec. 21.

About the sculpture

The large-scale sapling sculpture was created by Dougherty, with help from over 190 volunteers, in a project commissioned by the Arts Council. Additional funding came from the Hillsborough Tourism Board, the Orange County Arts Commission, the Orange County Visitors Bureau and numerous individual, business and nonprofit donors.

The sculpture was built with three town brush truckloads of Southern sugar maple, sweetgum and elm saplings collected from Ayr Mount Historic Site and sewer rights of way in the Waterstone development. It is located within a copse of trees near Riverwalk’s downtown entrance, near the Eno River Parking Deck.

New project

As one piece of public art nears the end of its life, another is underway. The Arts Council is working with the town and the Orange County Arts Commission to create a piece of public art from the large Southern red oak tree that fell across Calvin Street this fall. The tree is estimated to be over 200 years old.

More details on the project are expected in 2019, but donations are currently being accepted for the Calvin Street Tree Project on the Arts Council website.

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