Board of Commissioners Meeting Summary

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Board of Commissioners Meeting Summary
The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners met Monday in the Orange County Whitted Human Services Center.

The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners met Monday, April 23, at the Whitted Human Services Center, 300 W. Tryon St. Following is a brief summary of noteworthy actions. It does not include all actions taken at the meeting and should not be viewed as official minutes.

State of the Town Address

Mayor Tom Stevens delivered the 12th annual address. A news release and video of the address will be available later this week.

Collins Ridge agreement

The March 2016 water and sewer extension agreement for the planned Collins Ridge development in central Hillsborough has lapsed because construction did not begin within a two-year window. A new entity plans to own and build the site according to the approved plans. The board approved a new agreement with a two-year window that requires the new entity to pay some of the cost for the extension of those services.  

Reservoir financing

The board approved the bond order and bond resolution formally authorizing the sale of revenue bonds to finance the cost of the second phase of construction of the West Fork Eno Reservoir. The amount of the proposed revenue bond issue is $12.6 million. As part of the Phase II construction, the reservoir will be raised about 10 feet, which will provide adequate water supply for future growth in Hillsborough. All land that will be affected by the higher water level is already owned by the town and will not affect any property owners in the area around the reservoir. The expansion project should be completed in late 2018 or early 2019.

Closed session

The board adopted a resolution concurring in the manager’s determination to release such employee personnel records regarding former Police Chief Clarence Birkhead as the manager deems, or may deem, essential to maintain public confidence in the administration of town services.

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