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All March Bills Must Be Paid by a Method Other Than Bank Draft

Monday, March 11, 2019
All March Bills Must Be Paid by a Method Other Than Bank Draft

Town of Hillsborough water and sewer customers, please disregard a statement in red about draft payment on your March bill.

All customers must pay their March bill by a method other than bank draft. Customers who paid by bank draft prior to Feb. 25 must enroll for bank draft in the new billing system. Processing takes at least one billing cycle but could take up to 60 days.

Bank draft is an encouraged form of payment for future bills as it does not generate service fees for the customer or town. Those who wish to sign up for bank draft need to do one of the following:

  • Fill out the information on the back of the bill.
  • Download and complete the form attached below and available on the town website.

An insert in the March bill also was printed more lightly than expected, rendering some portions unreadable. The insert contains necessary actions customers must take to ensure payment. It is attached below.

Online registration process

Last week, a problem was discovered in the online registration process for the new in-house service for water and sewer bills. The last payment amount that customers are required to enter in the new customer portal is not the total February bill but rather the water portion of the bill for most customers and the sewer portion of the bill for sewer-only customers.

Customers who have their February bill can enter the charges found on that bill without contacting the town. Customers who did not keep their February bill must contact the town for the amount to enter for what they last paid for water or sewer charges.

This affects customers who paid by recurring credit or debit card prior to Feb. 25 and wish to continue such payments. It also affects those customers who want to pay current and future bills through the online system.

All customers are encouraged to register in the online customer portal, www.municipalonlinepayments.com/hillsboroughnc. In addition to being able to pay online, registration in the portal allows customers to sign up for text alerts, register to receive bills by email and immediately see payment reflected.

Customers who would like to make a one-time credit or debit card payment can do so by phone by calling 833-262-5902.

The town apologizes for these issues in the billing transition. The last day of service with FATHOM was Feb. 25. The March bill is the first bill in the new system.

How to contact the town

Due to the number of customers who must be helped, please use email instead of calling if possible. The contact information is:

  • Email: customerservice@hillsboroughnc.gov
  • Phone: 919-296-9450

When contacting the town for the dollar amount to enter into the registration form, please provide:

  • Water/sewer service address
  • Full name on the water/sewer account
  • Water/sewer account number (from bill dated March 5)
  • Contact information

Updated answers to frequently asked questions about the billing transition can be found on the town’s webpage FAQ: Utility Billing and Payments Platform.

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