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Board of Commissioners Meeting Summary

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The following is a brief summary of noteworthy actions taken at the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners meeting on Monday, April 8. It does not include all actions taken at the meeting and should not be viewed as official minutes. The meeting was in the Board Meeting Room at the Town Hall Annex, 105 E. Corbin St.


The Board of Commissioners approved the following appointments:

  • Scott Taylor to a three-year term on the Planning Board, expiring March 31, 2022.
  • Commissioner Jenn Weaver as the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners representative on the Orange County Climate Committee.

Parking pads

The board discussed approving two parking pads recently built on residential property in the town right of way and decided to table the discussion while staff investigates the possibility of creating standards for parking pads.

Soapbox derby

The board discussed a request to sponsor a soapbox derby on Nash Street and decided to deny the request and not permit the derby to take place on Nash Street because of concerns that the town could be held liable if anyone was injured.

Awareness campaign

The board discussed posting signs downtown to raise awareness that Orange County has a health rule which prohibits smoking in public places, including sidewalks. The signs would be added to the back of existing parking signs. Staff will provide signage options to the board for consideration.

Train station

Planning Director Margaret Hauth reported that the consulting attorneys had recommended the board not pursue a request for bids for a public-private partnership to develop the train station property at this time. Instead, the consultants recommended that the board clearly determine the boundary of the land it wishes to make available, prepare a phase 1 environmental review and publish a request for bids for the planned station building and some additional site planning. The train station property is located near South Churton Street, south of U.S. 70 Business.

Hauth said that the board also needs to hear from North Carolina Railroad about the possibilities of making a bike and pedestrian connection to the train station that would involve the railroad corridor.

The board authorized staff to contract for a phase 1 environmental review for up to 7 acres and a study of bike and pedestrian connections from the station to downtown. 

Street names

Hauth explained the inconsistencies that have long existed in the spellings of Bellvue Avenue and Brownville Street. The board voted to spell the street names as they are printed above.  

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