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Cates Creek Park Slopes Receive Compost

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Public Space Manager Stephanie Trueblood and Stormwater and Environmental Services Manager Terry Hackett watched the progress at Cates Creek Park on Tuesday as a company applied a mixture of compost and wildflower and native grass seeds on the slopes to better control stormwater, reduce mowing and create more habitat for pollinators.

The entrance of Cates Creek Park will soon be thriving with wildflowers and native grasses.

The park’s steep slopes and exposed red clay received a blanket of compost, native grass seeds and perennial wildflower seeds Tuesday morning.

“This has been a great project because we can reduce stormwater pollutants and at the same time create a sustainable natural area that requires less maintenance and is overall better for the environment,” Stormwater and Environmental Services Manager Terry Hackett said.

The application of the compost blanket was a collaborative project among several areas of town government. The Public Works Department prepared the slopes to receive the compost. The Stormwater and Environmental Services Division secured stormwater funds for the project, which will reduce both stormwater runoff from the slopes and the amount of nutrients flowing into Cates Creek in heavy rains. The Public Space Division also championed the project to reduce mowing and to increase habitat for pollinators.

“We are continuously looking for opportunities to increase available pollinator habitat as part of our Bee City initiatives,” Public Space Manager Stephanie Trueblood said. “Protecting pollinators isn’t only about pollinator health; it’s also good for the environment and public health. What’s good for bees is also good for people.”

Cates Creek Park is located at 1445 Cates Creek Parkway. Information about it and other park facilities is available on the Recreation Facilities page of the town website.

For additional information about stormwater control measures, contact Stormwater and Environmental Services Manager Terry Hackett by email or at 919-296-9621. 

For additional information about the town’s Bee City initiatives, contact Public Space Manager Stephanie Trueblood by email or at 919-296-9481.