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Board of Commissioners Meeting Summary

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Sgt. Tereasa Matthews was recognized for her promotion and publicly reaffirmed her oath of office at the Board of Commissioners meeting on June 10.

The following is a brief summary of noteworthy actions taken at the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners meeting on Monday, June 10. It does not include all actions taken at the meeting and should not be viewed as official minutes. The meeting was in the Board Meeting Room at the Town Hall Annex, 105 E. Corbin St.


Sgt. Tereasa Matthews of the Hillsborough Police Department was recognized for her promotion and publicly reaffirmed her oath of office.


The board adopted the town’s budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20 with no property tax rate increase but an increase in both water and sewer rates. More information can be found in the budget news release.

Road project

Public Works Director Ken Hines reported to the board that repairing a washed-out section of Valley Forge Road and the stormwater pipes under it could cost as much as $1 million. He explained the project is further complicated by low powerlines overhead, which would restrict the use of a crane, and by utilities running adjacent to the road, which would need to be relocated. The board expressed support for the business that depends on this section of road and also encouraged staff to explore all options, including abandoning the road, which is outside town limits.

Land use decisions

The board made the following land use decisions after hearing the items presented at the April public hearing and considering recommendations from the Hillsborough Planning Board:

  • Approved the rezoning of 505 Latimer St. from Mobile Home Park to Residential-10 (minimum lot square footage of 10,000) with a 3-2 vote. Those who voted in favor noted the request aligns with the Future Land Use Plan. Those who opposed the rezoning raised concerns that the houses the developer plans to build would be much more expensive than surrounding homes, thus changing the character and affordability of the neighborhood.
  • Voted to annex the Sheetz property at 1990 N.C. 86 and zoned the parcel as High Intensity Commercial. Both actions were requested by the property owner.
  • Voted to annex approximately 25 acres adjacent to the Sheetz and then zoned it as Entranceway Special Use, as requested by the property owner. The board also approved a master plan to guide future development of this tract. Each tract shown on the master plan will require an individual Special Use Permit at the time of development. The outparcels shown on the master plan were restricted to driveway access from the proposed internal road network rather than N.C. 86 and Old N.C. 10.

Elfin’s Pond

The board approved slight modifications to the lighting and parking for the Elfin’s Pond neighborhood clubhouse, which residents supported at the public hearing. The board voted to grant all requested waivers except one that would have allowed parking spaces to be built in the setback. Instead, the board agreed to reduce the parking requirement by one space so that the developer could construct the clubhouse parking spaces without encroaching into the setback.

515 North Churton

The board voted to grant additional waivers to the Special Use Permit for the condominium project, which is already built. The developer agreed to build a 6-foot fence along the western border of the property and to plant several fast-growing evergreen trees. The board agreed to allow the developer to keep three parking spaces in the northwest corner that were expected to be removed for landscaping as a condition of the Special Use Permit. Instead, the developer agreed to remove the parking space closest to the northwest corner and to plant one tree in that location.

Right of way closure

The board received a request from a property owner to close a right of way on the east side of Bellvue Street. The board agreed to hold a public hearing regarding the right of way closure at the next regular meeting on Aug. 12. It was noted that a sewer line runs through the middle of the right of way and that the town intends to keep a pedestrian easement adjacent to the sewer easement for a future pedestrian path. The requesting property owner verbally agreed to those terms.