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Public Safety Task Force Formed, Teen Member Needed

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

Updated at 4:11 p.m. Nov. 18 to correct the spelling of a task force member's name.

Members have been chosen to serve on the new Mayor’s Task Force for Reimagining Public Safety, but a teen who lives within the town limits is needed to complete the group. 

“Choosing among the many strong applicants for this task force was not easy. I am confident we have pulled together a group that brings together the breadth and depth of experience so essential for a deep dive into considering what is needed —  in terms of resources, relationships and more — for every person in every neighborhood in Hillsborough to feel safe,” said Mayor Jenn Weaver. “Thank you to every single person who was ready to step up and serve their community in this way.”

The new task force is a result of a resolution passed by the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners on June 8 denouncing the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and outlining next steps for the Town of Hillsborough and its police department, including forming an advisory board on policing. The task force will determine what a standing advisory board on public safety would look like in Hillsborough. Discussion among board members and input from the community showed the Hillsborough community wishes to examine the idea of public safety.

Selected and appointed

Some designated seats were directly appointed, and others were chosen from a pool of more than 30 applicants. The selection committee focused on selecting people who reside within the town limits, represent diverse backgrounds, and have relevant life or work experience.

The mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Bell, Planning Board Member Lisa Frazier and Fairview Community Watch President Faylor Riley served on the selection committee.

The members of the task force will include: Marina Alcazar, Judit Alvarado, Sujata Bijou, Shannon Blue, Patricia Harrison, Chloe Johnson, Rod Jones, Tracey Little, David “Hooper” Schultz, Marc Xavier and Allison Zirkel. The Northern Orange Branch of the NC NAACP appointed Keith Cook to that organization’s designated seat. Judge Hathaway Pendergrass has also agreed to serve on the task force.

Teen needed

A seat remains unfilled for a youth between the ages of 15 and 18 who lives within the town limits. Anyone interested may want to check the Jurisdictions and Service Areas page to be sure residence is within town limits.

The application can be completed online.