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Water Disconnections, Utility and Tax Penalties to Resume in August

Monday, June 15, 2020

The Town of Hillsborough will resume disconnecting water service and imposing penalties for delinquent utility and tax accounts in August.

Water service disconnections and delinquency penalties have been suspended since March 20 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners acted to end the policies at its June 8 meeting.

Past-due water and sewer accounts will begin accruing penalties again on Aug. 1.


Beginning Aug. 26, the town will resume its policy of disconnecting water service of customers who do not pay the current month’s bill in full in addition to any payment plan payment owed.

Payment plans

Town water and sewer customers who are delinquent in their payments may request a custom payment plan of up to 12 months by email or by calling 919-296-9450. Otherwise, account holders with unpaid bills due between Jan. 25 and July 25 will automatically be placed on a 12-month payment plan if the bills remain unpaid as of Aug. 25. Account holders have the option to pay their entire delinquent balance in full at any time.

As of June 4, the amount of delinquent payments owed is $135,415.

Tax penalties

On Aug. 1, the town will resume adding penalties to delinquent occupancy taxes and food and beverage taxes owed to the town.


In August, the town will resume using a third-party collection company and the N.C. Debt Setoff Clearinghouse to collect debts. The collection company will contact credit agencies, and the debt will be listed on credit reports.