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Please Complete Survey about Your Business or Non-residential Property

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Hillsborough Planning and Utilities departments are updating their information on non-residential customers for the purposes of notifications, system protection and inventory. 

The departments are asking for the best contact for your business or property, whether you have a backflow prevention device and other questions. Please fill out this brief survey to assist their efforts.

“We need to collect more contact information to provide the best service to our non-residential customers who may have multiple contacts for billing, building maintenance and building owner,” Utilities Director Marie Strandwitz said. “For the Utilities Department, having a person to call regarding a specific facility for after-hours water leaks, water or sewer main break notifications that could affect the business or facility, or other water-related notifications will be a great benefit. Other utility-related questions in the survey are to update our inventory of things connected to our system that are intended to protect our system and yours such as backflow devices and pressure-reducing valves. I encourage all who receive the survey to complete it promptly.”

This survey is separate from the form the Hillsborough Financial Services Department sent some utility customers in March.

Anyone with questions may contact Analyst Intern Cornelis Ford Verkerk at or 919-296-9470.