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News Releases

Duke Energy to Replace Recently Installed Street Lighting

Monday, April 5, 2021

The town has reached an agreement with Duke Energy for LED street lighting recently installed in residential areas to be replaced with less-bright fixtures.

A contractor had been replacing older, less-efficient lighting with 4,000-kelvin fixtures that some residents considered to be too bright. Duke Energy has agreed to complete the replacement program using 3,000-kelvin fixtures similar to those installed last year in the downtown area. The 3,000-kelvin fixtures provide a warmer light and also will be used to replace the earlier installations. Some of the new lighting may still appear brighter than older fixtures which have faded with decades of use. Any fixtures replaced before the current program began will not be changed.

Street lighting policy

The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners will discuss a street lighting policy to guide any future installations or replacements at its April 12 meeting. The town plans to require the 3,000-kelvin fixtures in most areas, though there may be some corridors which need the 4,000-kelvin fixtures for safety and visibility.

Duke Energy covers the cost of the light fixture installations, but the town covers the cost of shields to keep light from shining onto adjoining property, so the board may also discuss a policy for granting residents’ requests for shields.