Town to Study Sewer System on Lawndale Avenue and Nearby Streets

Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021
The Town of Hillsborough will start conducting sanitary sewer evaluations on Lawndale Avenue and nearby streets Oct. 18. Field work will include smoke testing, dye testing and video inspection.

The Town of Hillsborough will conduct a sanitary sewer evaluation on Lawndale Avenue and nearby streets beginning Monday, Oct. 18. The study is expected to take two months.

During periods of rain, the Lawndale Pump Station Sewer Basin has excessive stormwater infiltration or inflows, which can cause sanitary sewer overflows. Stormwater entering the sanitary sewer system also wastes pipe capacity and adds inefficiency to the treatment of wastewater, which can lead to increased sewer rates.

Recent studies

The town contracted with a team of experts, including Merrick & Company, Barton & Loguidice, and Gavel & Dorn Engineering, to conduct a sewer modeling study which assessed the impact of growth during periods of dry weather and to perform a wet weather hydraulic assessment. The results identified areas of the collection system experiencing high levels of stormwater infiltration or inflow and other capacity-related concerns.

Pilot project

The Lawndale Basin was chosen as a pilot area to perform field investigations and develop recommendations on repairing or replacing pipes or manholes. The basin was chosen because it is isolated, relatively small, and experiencing significant stormwater infiltration or inflows. This makes it a good candidate to test the effectiveness of corrective measures that may be applicable to other areas of the town’s wastewater collection system.

After the field work, the contractors will gather the findings, make recommendations for repairs, and assist in preparing contracts and putting the project out for bids.

Project details

The project consists of approximately 6,600 linear feet of 8-inch sewer pipe, approximately 2,000 linear feet of service laterals, 28 manholes and one duplex submersible pump station serving approximately 80 structures. The study area includes Lawndale and Rainey avenues, Torain and Hill streets, and the north side of Cornelius Street.

Field work will include smoke testing, dye testing and video inspection.


Residents in the study area will receive door hangers regarding smoke testing, intermittent traffic control around manholes when crews are deploying or retrieving video equipment, field crews walking around and documenting findings, and coordination with field crews to test sewer connections from homes in some cases. Testing of sewer connections from homes is done by dropping colored dye down a sink or toilet and watching where it appears in the sewer system. Town staff will be monitoring the study area.

The main field contact for the work is Jack Fitzgerald of Gavel & Dorn at 336-486-1640. Questions for the town can be directed to Utilities Inspector Terry Rich at 919-370-8269.

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