What’s Up with Purple Lights and Streetlighting Replacements?

Purple lights are defective, and replacement of bright streetlights has been delayed due to shipping delays.

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021
This LED streetlight on Twisted Court in Hillsborough has a spooky purple glow because it is defective. Report defective or broken streetlights to the company that services them (Duke Energy or Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation in our area).

If you’ve seen purple streetlighting around town, it’s not for Halloween.

Duke Energy has been installing LED streetlights, and the spooky purple glow indicates a defective light.

Streetlights in need of maintenance should be reported to the service company. This includes dim or purple lighting and lighting that is not functioning at all. Make sure to obtain an address or pole number for the streetlight.

  • For streetlights in the Duke Energy service area — Call 800-777-9898 or complete an outdoor lighting repair request on the company's website.
  • For streetlights in the Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation service area — Call 919-732-2123 or complete a contact form on the company's website. The affected pole will need to be marked with a ribbon.

Bright lights

In the spring, the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners and Duke Energy received complaints about the brightness and light trespass of new LED lights that were installed as part of Duke Energy’s mercury vapor replacement program.

The town reached an agreement with Duke Energy to complete the company’s streetlight replacement program using 50-watt, 3,000-kelvin, Type 2 fixtures. This type of fixture was recently tested on eight fixtures in town as a pilot project on a portion of West Queen and North Hasell streets.

The town formally requested that Duke Energy install 3,000-kelvin fixtures in all areas of town going forward and that Piedmont Electric do the same for the light fixtures they service in the Becketts Ridge neighborhood.

If you have been expecting a replacement of the LED streetlight that was installed in your residential area earlier this year, the replacement has been delayed because of shipping delays of the light fixtures. Installation will likely start in early December and continue into January and February.

Some of the new lighting may still appear brighter than older fixtures that have faded with decades of use. Any fixtures replaced before the current program began will not be changed.