New Mural Completed in Downtown Hillsborough

Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021
The new mural at 109 E. King St., designed by Richard Nickel and painted by Nickel and fellow artist Chris Revels, was largely funded by the Tourism Development Authority.

A new mural was completed this week in downtown Hillsborough. The design includes cardinals, dogwood blossoms and “Hillsborough” in large letters that feature sunshine and green hills.

Artists Richard Nickel and Chris Revels drew and painted the mural over the weekend on the side of the building at 109 E. King St., which houses The News of Orange County, a local newspaper publication that has been in production since 1893. They encouraged passersby to join them in painting, and some people picked up a paint brush to contribute to the mural.

The mural was a partnership effort. Hillsborough Tourism Development Authority authorized $6,000 for the installation of the mural. The Orange County Arts Commission organized a selection panel and paid $325 each to the top three artists who submitted preliminary designs. Womack Publishing Company, which owns the newspaper and its building, agreed to the painting. Volunteers from the Town of Hillsborough, News of Orange, and Hillsborough Arts Council helped on the selection panel.

Nickel’s design was chosen because the selection panel decided it was simple yet impactful and illustrated unifying features of what makes us all North Carolinians as well as members of the Hillsborough community.

“The mural is delightful and we’re really happy to add another ‘something extra’ to town for visitors and residents to enjoy,” Planning and Economic Development Manager Shannan Campbell said. “We are grateful to the artists and our partners on this project who made it possible.”