Carr Store Road Reopens, Reservoir Expansion Nearly Complete

Friday, July 2, 2021
A replacement bridge on Carr Store Road is among improvements related to the reservoir expansion. Work within the roadway is now complete, and the state road has reopened.

Work within roadways related to the Town of Hillsborough’s reservoir expansion is complete, and Carr Store Road has reopened to traffic.

The improvements to the roadway and drainage of the state road in Orange County are the final work related to the expansion of Hillsborough’s West Fork Eno Reservoir, located north of Efland. Final tasks are being completed. Work on Mill Creek Road, also a state road, was completed last fall. Smith-Rowe of Mount Airy constructed the improvements.

The reservoir currently is below its Phase 1 capacity and is being allowed to fill.

Project information

The Town of Hillsborough funded the road improvements, borrowing $3.3 million for the project. The improvements included:

  • Vertical alignment changes.
  • A replacement bridge on Carr Store Road over the reservoir.
  • Drainage improvements, including a large diameter cross pipe beneath Mill Creek Road.
  • Raising the roads to improve motorist safety and to allow a higher level of water in the reservoir.

The reservoir expansion is the second phase of Hillsborough’s reservoir, which was planned in the 1990s. Phase I was completed in 2000. Phase II will raise the reservoir’s normal water elevation by 10 vertical feet for expected future demand. Construction started in April 2018. The pandemic delayed the final work on the project. More information is available on the town’s project page.