Water and Sewer Line Insurance Information Is Not from the Town

Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Customers are responsible for any issues in the water and sewer service lines between their building and the water meter and sewer cleanout pipe. The meter and cleanout pipe are located along a property's edge, where it meets the street right of way. This pipe has been painted green. They are typically white.

Hillsborough water and sewer customers, please note that the Town of Hillsborough is not mailing or responsible for solicitations regarding insurance for your private water or sewer line services.

Customers who receive notifications regarding insurance programs for private water or sewer line repair or replacement should note that these solicitations are from companies unaffiliated with the town. The insurance coverage offered by these companies is optional, and homeowners should evaluate and decide for themselves whether they desire the coverage. Your own insurance company may offer this coverage as well.


Issues can occur with private water and sewer lines, such as line breaks and infiltration from tree roots. Under the Hillsborough Code of Ordinances, Hillsborough water customers are responsible for any repairs to water service lines between their building and their water meter.

Similarly, sewer customers are responsible for any blockages or repairs in the sewer service line between their building and the town-maintained cleanout pipe located where the property meets the road right of way. If no cleanout pipe is at the property's edge, the homeowner is responsible for issues that occur anywhere in the sewer service line from the house to the main sewer line.

At times if a problem with a private water or sewer service line has not been repaired in a timely manner, the town may issue a notice to the customer to correct the problem within 60 days. Failure to repair an issue that is the customer’s responsibility after notice can result in increasing enforcement fines, with disconnection of water in the worst case.

For complete information, see Chapter 14 Utilities, Article 3 Town and Customer Responsibilities of the Code of Ordinances.