Hillsborough Encourages Employees to Get Vaccinated

Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021

Updated at 10:08 a.m. on Sept. 7, 2021: The date for employees to show proof of vaccination status or begin weekly testing was changed to Sept. 13 to allow unvaccinated employees time to become fully vaccinated before the start of testing requirements.

The Town of Hillsborough continues to follow public health guidance from Orange County and the state and is encouraging vaccination of employees.

By Sept. 13, Town of Hillsborough employees:

  • Will be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination status or be tested weekly for COVID-19.
  • Will be scheduled to receive a $300 bonus if they have received or started the vaccine process with the first dose of a two-dose series.

“With the Delta variant being so much more contagious, it is imperative that we either get folks vaccinated or are regularly testing the unvaccinated,” Hillsborough Mayor Jenn Weaver said. “This is essential for the welfare of individual employees, their coworkers, and the community we serve.”

The town has 97 employees plus the mayor and five commissioners. An estimated 60% of Hillsborough’s employees and elected leaders are vaccinated. The bonus is intended to:

  • Thank employees who already have received the vaccine or who start the process by Sept. 13.
  • Encourage employees to consider getting the vaccine.

“We value every single member of our town workforce,” the mayor said. “I fervently hope this new policy will result in an increased vaccination rate and the town doing our part to maintain a socially and economically thriving community.”

Town of Hillsborough offices remain closed to the public.

  • Cash water payments may be made by appointment only. See the news release for more information.
  • Town employees are telecommuting when possible. Customers can receive assistance by phone and email. See the Contact Us page of the town’s website.

The state has urged government agencies and private employers to adopt vaccine verification.

Countywide mask mandate

Because the Delta variant of the coronavirus is so highly contagious and COVID-19 metrics are drastically increasing, Orange County is reinstating its indoor countywide mask requirement, effective at 5 p.m. today, Aug. 11. The mandate applies to anyone 2 years and older, regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings will be required in all indoor public places, including public transportation facilities and vehicles. See the news release.

Orange County health officials urge all unvaccinated residents 12 and older to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Those who are vaccinated remain strongly protected against severe illness, hospitalization, and death.