Board of Commissioners Meeting Summary

Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021
The board discussed utility pole attachments with Duke Energy staff. Banners affixed in two places like the one pictured are allowed but must be placed a minimum distance from electrical cables. Duke Energy is not allowing flags to be flown from the poles.

The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners met Monday, Sept. 13. Following is a brief summary of noteworthy actions. It does not include all actions taken at the meeting and should not be viewed as official minutes. The meeting took place virtually with online conferencing software and is available for view on the town’s YouTube channel.


Consultants from VHB and Public Space Manager Stephanie Trueblood presented initial findings of the Community Visioning Survey, available in the agenda packet. There were more than 600 responses from a diverse group of mostly residents. More than half of respondents love the small-town feel of Hillsborough. Many of the words chosen to describe Hillsborough were about the natural and scenic areas. Challenges identified in the survey included traffic congestion, loss of land and lack of sidewalk and greenway connections. The board encouraged those working on the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan to continue to strive for diverse input.

Economic Development Planner Shannan Campbell said summer revenues from the prepared food and beverage tax and occupancy tax were strong. She noted the quarterly Tourism and Economic Development Report was available in the agenda packet.


The board appointed:

  • Elizabeth Dicker and Will Senner to three-year terms on the Historic District Commission.
  • Richard von Furstenberg to a three-year term on the Parks and Recreation Board.
  • Cassandra Chandler to a three-year term on the Planning Board.

Waterstone medical office building

The board granted a Special Use Permit modification to reduce a landscaping requirement. This helped the builder meet an accessibility requirement to provide a ramp on the east side of the building.

Resolution on collection system capacity and growth

The board passed a resolution confirming next steps related to development and collection system capacity. The resolution came after the board received a presentation on Aug. 23 about the need for upgrades in the wastewater collection system based upon hydraulic modeling of the system, specifically in the River Pumping Station Sewer Basin. This basin includes everything north of the Eno River and much of the properties along South Churton and Mayo streets and Orange Grove Road. 

The resolution states that the board:

  • Will not expand the Urban Services Boundary for the sole purpose of additional development.
  • Until March 2022, has little support for approval of annexations of out-of-town developments that are not contiguous to the current jurisdiction.
  • Will limit approvals of new development in the River Pumping Station Sewer Basin until at least March 2022 due to lack of capacity during wet weather events.
  • Acknowledges some redevelopment projects and individual construction on single vacant lots within the River Pumping Station Sewer Basin will occur as determined by staff.

The resolution also acknowledges there are future questions to be addressed related to growth and capacity for which more information will be presented through the ongoing Comprehensive Sustainability Plan and a pilot project to evaluate and reduce extraneous flow in the collection system in a smaller sewer basin that discharges to the River Pumping Station Sewer Basin. Discussion and decisions about upgrading and expanding the wastewater system capacity are ongoing and the resolution will be revisited in March 2022.

Duke Energy banner discussion

The board held a discussion with Duke Energy staff about flag-style attachments that are permissible on Duke Energy poles. Single-pole flags are not allowed. Banners affixed in two places are allowed but must be placed a minimum distance from the electrical cables. Staff will explore whether the town can meet the utility’s banner requirements while also meeting the state’s road clearance requirements. Churton, King and Nash streets are state roads. The board will discuss other options for displaying American flags and Pride flags as part of budget discussions for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.

In-person meeting discussion

Most commissioners expressed a desire to continue to meet virtually for another month.

Upcoming work session

The work session on Sept. 27 will focus on setting priorities for transportation and connectivity.

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