Seasonal Loose Leaf Collection Ends This Month

Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022
Leaf collection truck
Seasonal loose leaf collection ends this month.

The Town of Hillsborough’s seasonal collection of loose leaves will end Monday, Jan. 31 and resume in November.

Leaves placed at the curb by Jan. 31 will be collected for all routes regardless of the route’s regular service day.

Here are a few reminders for the final weeks of loose leaf collection:

  • Loose leaves should be placed within 4 feet of the curb for collection.
  • Leaf piles should be free of limbs and debris, which clog the truck’s vacuum.
  • Make sure piles do not block water meters, sidewalks or fire hydrants or interfere with traffic or water drainage.
  • Do not place piles in streets, especially those with curbs and gutters because of storm drains.

For more information, view the informational video on the town’s YouTube channel.

Bagged Leaf Collection

During the months of February-October, leaves must be placed in biodegradable bags for collection. Bagged leaf collection is on garbage collection days. Households are limited to collection of 10 bags per week. Leaves must:

  • Be placed in biodegradable bags.
  • Be free of trash and other debris.
  • Be placed within 4 feet of the curb.
  • Not interfere with traffic or water drainage, block sidewalks or fire hydrants or cover water meters.

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