River Park Arch Installation Nearly Complete

Thursday, March 24, 2022
River Park Arch by Jonathan Brilliant features wood from the 250-year-old southern red oak that grew beside Calvin Street until it fell in 2018.

A new art installation gives a warm glow at sunset on South Churton Street. The River Park Arch installation, across from Weaver Street Market in Orange County’s River Park, is nearly complete. 

People can meet the artist, Jonathan Brilliant, at this week’s Last Fridays ArtWalk ― 6 to 8 p.m. March 25.

The arch features wood from the 250-year-old southern red oak that fell on Calvin Street in 2018. The tree was the largest in town and among Hillsborough’s first Tree Board-designated “treasure trees.” Its trunk had a circumference of 27 feet and a diameter of about 8 feet.

The Hillsborough Tourism Board and Hillsborough Tourism Development Authority together contributed $10,000 of tourism funds toward the $25,000 project, which also was financially supported by the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, the Hillsborough Arts Council and the Orange County Arts Commission. The Town of Hillsborough and Orange County also assisted with the project.  

See the Hillsborough Arts Council’s news release.