Town Unable to Display Flags on Utility Poles

Banners with American, state and pride flag designs have been ordered.

Friday, June 10, 2022
The town can no longer display flags on utility poles. Banners that can be attached to the poles through two pole arms have been ordered and will include flag designs as well as a replacement to the current welcome banners.

You may recall the town displayed the American flag in observance of Memorial Day, Flag Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day in years past.  

Flags are not permitted to be installed on Duke Energy’s utility poles this year, and the town does not yet have newly approved banners that will include American and state flag designs for traditional American flag-flying days. The pride flags installed last year during Pride Month also cannot be displayed this year.  

Banner installation

Staff have worked for the past year on an alternative. In May, Duke Energy approved an agreement for decorative banners that can be attached to utility poles through two pole arms. A contractor for the power company then approved pole locations for the banners. The town has ordered banners in four designs that include the United States, North Carolina and pride flags. A fourth design will replace the town's current welcome banner. The town had to receive approval of the banner designs from Duke Energy.

The new banners will be installed as soon as possible for holidays and other observances. The town will display American and state flag banners for certain holidays, a pride flag banner for most of June for Pride Month, and a welcome banner the rest of the year.

To meet spacing requirements imposed by Duke Energy and the North Carolina Department of Transportation, some banners will be placed on the back side of power poles over sidewalks to provide adequate clearance on the roadway side.

Possible locations for banners in commercial areas outside of the downtown will be explored at a later time. Power poles in some areas are located farther from the roadway and likely will require larger banners and hardware for an appropriate scale.