2021 Water Quality Report Now Available

Friday, July 8, 2022
Image of concrete spillway at West Fork Eno Reservoir.
Hillsborough’s reservoir expansion includes a new spillway that increases the dam’s overflow capacity by providing a greater surface area in a small footprint.

Did you know the Town of Hillsborough treated about 557 million gallons of drinking water last year? Check out information about the treatment process and what’s in your water in the latest annual water quality report, available online and by request.

The 2021 report includes information on substances that the town monitors in your drinking water. It also includes information on unregulated and emerging contaminants, like PFAS, PFOS, GenX, and 1,4 dioxane. Included is information on:

  • Hillsborough’s water treatment system and its performance.
  • Where your drinking water comes from.
  • Water quality specifics from the federal Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The reservoir expansion.  

New in the report this year is information on:

  • Water advisories and notices.
  • New federal lead and copper rule revisions.
  • What you’re paying for.
  • The minimum usage charge.
  • Historic rates.

The town routinely checks for more than 150 substances in your drinking water according to federal and state laws and goes beyond sampling requirements in some cases. For instance, the town tests samples at the Water Treatment Plant every two hours instead of the required four hours for turbidity, pH, total and free chlorine, chlorine residuals, monochloramines (ammonia), fluoride and tank levels.

The annual report is available in English and Spanish on the Water Treatment Plant page of the town website. For a copy by mail, call 919-296-9630.

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