Utility Easement Mowing to Begin Soon

Make sure you know your responsibilities for any easements on your property

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2023
Image of information on easements

A contractor for the town is expected to begin mowing water and sewer rights of way on Monday, Oct. 30. 

The work, to be performed by Wellsmont Landscaping, will take four to five weeks to complete, depending on weather.  

Two crews will work simultaneously with one starting in the northern service area by a town water tank near Pathways Elementary School and the other starting in the southern zone near another town water tank in the Waterstone development. They will work toward Hillsborough’s central service area, where they will complete the fall mowing. 

Please stay alert for mowing crews for your safety and the safety of workers. 

What are easements? 

Easements may look like cleared paths that lead to nowhere, but they grant the Utilities Department the right to access, maintain, repair or replace a town asset. These areas must be periodically mowed and cleared of brush to keep them accessible for routine maintenance and for emergency response.  

Before you plant or build, make sure you are aware of any easements on your property. The town will not replace any plants, fences, sheds or other structures that are removed from a town easement when utilities workers need to access the easement. The town also is unable to plant or maintain any trees or bushes within its easements. See the maintenance responsibilities document below for more information. 

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