Board of Commissioners Meeting Summary

Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Image of Town Hall annex
Regular meetings are held on the second Monday and work sessions on the fourth Monday of each month in the Town Hall Annex at 105 E. Corbin St. All meetings are open to the public.

The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners met Monday, April 10. Following is a brief summary of noteworthy actions. It does not include all actions taken at the meeting and should not be viewed as official minutes. The meeting is available for view on the town’s YouTube channel.

Public comments

Several Hillsborough property owners with private swimming pools addressed the board with concerns and questions over a letter they received from the Town of Hillsborough that informed them of the requirement to equip their water services with a backflow preventer due to the potential for cross-contamination. Their concerns included cost of the equipment and installation, aesthetics of the equipment and the 60-day period to meet the requirement. Utilities Director Marie Strandwitz answered questions and addressed concerns and provided additional information on the requirement.

Special event permit

Planning and Economic Development Planner Shannan Campbell introduced a request for street closure for Flush Fest, a community event and fundraiser. Grace Beeler, one of the founders of the festival, provided details for the request. Board members discussed the potential difficulties for EMS and police to staff the event. There was support to allow the event to continue, but the request for street closure was denied.


The board appointed Smita Patel to fill a Tourism Board vacancy for a term expiring April 10, 2025.

Proposed amendment

Commissioner Matt Hughes proposed an amendment to Section 14-15(f) of the Code of Ordinances concerning appeals to denied water bill adjustment requests. The amendment established an appeal period for denied adjustment requests. The customer may submit an appeal to the Water and Sewer Advisory Committee. The amendment was approved, as was the ordinance.

State of the Town address

At the work session on April 24, Mayor Weaver will deliver her State of the Town Address.

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