A Budget, a Blockbuster Plan, Bees and a Bench

Board of Commissioners Meeting Summary

Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Image the townhall annex
The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners meets the second and fourth Mondays of the month in the Town Hall Annex at 105 E. Corbin St. The board takes a break in July.

The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners met Monday, June 12, at the Town Hall Annex. Following is a brief summary of noteworthy actions. It does not include all actions taken at the meeting and should not be viewed as official minutes. The meeting is available for view on the town’s YouTube channel


The board approved two proclamations: 

  • Juneteenth Independence Day: June 19, 2023 — Celebrates the emancipation of those enslaved in the United States and recognizes the date in 1865 as an important day in American history. 

  • National Pollinator Week 2023: June 19-25 — Raises awareness about the essential role pollinators play in the ecosystem. 

Engage Hillsborough: Safety 

Senior Communications Specialist Cheryl Sadgrove gave a follow-up presentation on the Engage Hillsborough: Safety event that was held April 29 at the Whitted Human Services Center. Sadgrove said the meeting was well-attended and well-staffed despite competition from other local events on the same day. She said community members provided an abundance of useful information as well as positive feedback, with appreciation noted for the provided childcare and interpreters. Engage Hillsborough is planned as a series of events that will focus on specific topics. The next installment is tentatively planned for Nov. 4 and will cover connectivity. 

Comprehensive Sustainability Plan 

The board approved the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan, which will advance the town’s sustainability and resiliency goals and guide its future development. Recommendations from the plan will be implemented through the Strategic Plan, which is being updated and will focus on three years of strategic initiatives at a time.  

Fiscal Year 2024 budget 

The board approved the budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024, which starts July 1. The budget includes operational expenses of: 

  • $16.7 million in the General Fund. 

  • $14.4 million in the Water and Sewer Fund. 

  • $999,000 in the Stormwater Fund. 

It also includes: 

  • No changes in the property tax rate or stormwater fee. 

  • 6% increases in water and sewer rates. 

  • Lowering the minimum usage billed monthly by 125 gallons to 2,125 gallons. 

More information will be available later this month. 

Mariah G. McPherson Memorial Bench 

The board approved a Union Street location near Hillsborough Elementary School for a memorial bench for Mariah G. McPherson. McPherson was a community member who advocated for a safe sidewalk system for schoolchildren on Nash Street. The town installed about 3 miles of sidewalk along Nash Street and other roads in the area in a $1.2 million project completed in 2011. 

Gatewood property 

The board approved the annexation and general use rezoning of 200 and 300 U.S. 70 E., which includes a house and the House at Gatewood venue. The approval rezones the property from entryway special use to general commercial. The public hearing occurred April 20, and the Planning Board recommended approval at its May 18 meeting. 

Collins Ridge 

The board approved several changes to the Collins Ridge Master Plan conditions because of a change in developers, site and development conditions since the project was originally approved in 2017.  

Modifications requested by staff included:  

  • Prohibiting landscaping in water and sewer easements and requiring a buffer where there is a conflict. 

  • Tying zoning and compliance permits and certificates of occupancy to phases instead of units. 

  • Amending a $15,000 contribution toward a utility meter reading antennae to a $15,000 contribution to sewer flow monitoring equipment. 

Modifications requested by the developer included: 

  • Changing the lot variation width to match Phase 1’s current development pattern. 

  • Modifying the date that property earmarked for affordable housing will be transferred to the nonprofit organization CASA. 

  • Applying the same cross-street sections used in Phase 1 for Phase 2 along Poet Pointe, Flat Ford Road, Gold Hill Way, and Lightfoot and Open Air lanes for consistency when meeting existing roadways. This would prevent sudden variations in roadway widths or lack of a sidewalk on one side. 

  • Allowing for payment in lieu of bringing Open Air Lane to the property line due to topography challenges. 

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