Hillsborough Loose Leaves Collection Has Begun

Let Public Works know if you'd like leaves delivered for mulch or compost

Monday, Oct. 30, 2023

The Town of Hillsborough began its seasonal collection of loose leaves on Oct. 30. 

During loose leaf collection season, Hillsborough residents can rake their leaves to the side of the street for collection. The leaf vacuum truck will operate on a continuous cycle on weekdays through the end of January, except on town-observed holidays. Collection does not follow a set schedule. 

Leaf collection reminders 

Following are requirements for having leaves collected by the town: 

  • Place loose leaves within 4 feet of the curb for collection. No work order is required. 
  • Ensure leaf piles are free of limbs and debris, which can clog the truck’s vacuum. 
  • Place leaf piles where they do not interfere with traffic or water drainage, cover water meters or block sidewalks or fire hydrants. 
  • Biodegradable bags may be used for leaf collection on brush collection days. Households are limited to collection of 10 bags per week.  

Leaves for compost or mulch 

The town will deliver leaves to those in and around town who would like the leaves for mulch or compost. The minimum amount the Public Works Division will deliver is half a truckload, or about 10 cubic yards. The area where the leaves are to be dumped must be accessible by a large truck. 

To request a delivery of leaves, contact the Public Works Division by email or 919-296-9600. 

More information 

For more information about loose leaf collection, see the resources below: 

Leaves also can be left in place, providing nutrients for your yard and benefits to wildlife. See these resources: