Town Eligible to Receive State Funding for Lawndale Sewer Project

Friday, Oct. 6, 2023
Image of infiltration and relining
Infiltrating roots and soil can clog a pipe, and cracks can allow sewage to seep out. Water that enters sewer pipes also must be treated by the town. The blue coloring shows a relined pipe.

The Town of Hillsborough has the chance to receive state funding for a sewer rehabilitation project in the Lawndale Basin in northern Hillsborough. 

The North Carolina Division of Water Infrastructure and the State Water Infrastructure Authority have deemed the project eligible to receive a Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan over $1.1 million with forgiveness for up to $500,000 of the funding.  

The town previously had planned to use funds it received from the American Rescue Plan. To receive the low-interest loan from the state, the town will need to submit an application and engineering report to the state. It plans to rebid the project next year. 

Rehabilitation project 

The planned sewer improvements to the Lawndale Basin will involve repair projects on the main sewer line, resetting some sewer services to the property line, and lining sewer pipes to prevent groundwater and rainwater from entering the sewer system. The original system was installed in the late 1980s and has deteriorated. 

To learn more about the project, visit the Lawndale Sewer Basin Rehabilitation page.