System Development Fee Analysis Available for Review and Comment

The board will hold a public hearing and vote on revised fees at its Sept. 11 meeting

Tuesday, July 25, 2023
The Phase 2 expansion of Hillsborough's reservoir was planned in the 1990s and completed in 2021.

An analysis of Town of Hillsborough system development fees is available for review and public comment through Sept. 11.

The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing and vote on adoption of the revised fees at its Sept. 11 regular meeting. Written comments may be submitted via certified or electronic mail through the contact methods attached below.

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System development fees are charged for each new physical water and sewer connection to the utility system to offset the cost of replacing or constructing capital assets to meet demands placed on the system by each new customer or development.

The major infrastructure components for a water and sewer system must be planned and constructed well in advance and in large enough increments to keep pace with anticipated demand on the system’s capacity. This infrastructure includes water and wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs, pump stations, and pipe upgrades.

In June 2017, the North Carolina General Assembly ratified House Bill 436: An Act to Provide for Uniform Authority to Implement System Development Fees for Public Water and Sewer Systems in North Carolina and to Clarify the Applicable Statute of Limitations. The bill amended Chapter 162A of the General Statutes by adding Article 8: System Development Fees.

As a requirement of the amended statute, the Town of Hillsborough has completed a system development fee analysis, retaining Raftelis Financial Consultants to complete the analysis and prepare a report. The report updates the 2018 report, also prepared by Raftelis. It incorporates planning and growth that have occurred since and adjusts the planning number and assets that may be included in the calculation.

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