Fiber Contractors Working in Rights of Way

Friday, Feb. 2, 2024
Rights of way can vary in width and do not always run exactly parallel to streets, as shown in this image of the Town Hall Annex.

Fiber contractors will be working in the rights of way throughout Hillsborough, including in neighborhoods. 

Brightspeed, Google Fiber and Lumos are building fiber-optic networks in and around Hillsborough to provide access to their gigabit internet services. Google Fiber and Lumos have entered into master encroachment agreements with the town, and Brightspeed is operating under a statewide franchise agreement that does not require town permission.  

Utility companies have permission to work within the rights of way of the town and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. A right of way typically includes the area past the edge of the street toward a home for about 8 feet but can vary and be greater. Any activity on privately owned property, which does not include the rights of way, requires approval of the property owner. 

Residents can review the approximate location of the rights of way on Orange County’s GIS website. Enter an address and click the photography button in the upper right corner to see property lines and streets. 

Most of the fiber contractors’ work to this point has been laying the backbone lines that will serve as the connection point to neighborhoods. These lines have not impacted most residential streets. Fiber contractors have started installing lines that will service individual addresses. This work requires fiber crews to be much closer to residences, with crossings under driveways and through yards fronting the right of way. 

Construction may result in disruptions to services. Please use the numbers below to report concerns or damages. Residents will receive the quickest response by reaching out to the fiber company doing the work. 

The fiber contractors typically work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., using shallow, narrow trenching and boring to minimize damage to tree roots. Boring will be used if driveways need to be crossed.  

Weather permitting, private property and public rights of way should be restored to original condition within three to five business days once construction in an area is complete. 

Got questions? 

For more details, see FAQ: Gigabit Fiber Construction on the town website. 

Google Fiber concerns or damages 

  • Google Support/Construction Phone Line ― 877-454-6959, Option 3 
  • Google Support Website ― 

Lumos Fiber concerns or damages 

Director of Market Development Andrew Stevenson: 

Service questions 

Use these contacts if you have questions about new service or want to report problems with existing service: 

  • AT&T ― 866-861-6075 
  • Brightspeed ― 833-692-7773 
  • Lumos ― 855-465-8667 
  • Google ― 866-777-7550 
  • Spectrum ― 855-366-7132 

Hillsborough residents and property owners who are interested in learning more about fiber deployment in the area may contact Hillsborough Civil Engineering Technician Tyler Freeman by email