Low System Pressure Advisory Lifted for Harper Road Area

No contaminants were found in tested water sample

Friday, Feb. 9, 2024

The low system pressure advisory has been lifted for water customers affected by a water main repair on Feb. 8. Testing found no contaminants. Affected customers are no longer advised to boil water for drinking or cooking. 

Hillsborough utilities staff shut off water to repair a leaking water main on Harper Road Thursday, Feb. 8.  

Once repairs were made, water lines were flushed and affected properties were under an advisory until water testing was completed, which took about 24 hours. 

Water customers on the following streets were affected: 

  • Daye Street  

  • Dixie Avenue 

  • Faucette Mill Road from Torain Street to Odie Street 

  • Harper Road 

  • Homemont Avenue 

  • Riddle Road  

  • Torain Street from Fairview Park to Faucette Mill Road 

  • Wildaro Court

System pressure advisory 

Loss in pressure could allow water contamination. Under a low system pressure advisory, such contamination has not been confirmed yet through testing. As a precaution, consumers are advised to boil water or use bottled water for any consumption, including for drinking, ice making, brushing of teeth, pet water, handwashing, dishwashing and food preparation. Vigorous boiling for one minute should kill any disease-causing organisms. Boiling water concentrates any levels of nitrates that may be present in the water. For this reason, pregnant women and infants below the age of 6 months should use an alternate water supply, such as bottled water, whenever possible.

For more information about water advisories, see the town’s FAQ: Water Advisories and Notices page. and the news release Seven Things You Need to Know about Water Advisories and Notices.  

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