Hillsborough Disinfecting Water with Chlorine, Flushing Lines in March

Monday, Feb. 5, 2024
Town employees will release water from fire hydrants and some valves in the town’s water system to ensure chlorine flows through the entire water system during the annual state-required disinfection in March.

The Town of Hillsborough will use chlorine instead of a combination of chlorine and ammonia to disinfect public drinking water for a month, beginning March 1. This annual disinfection is required by the state.

In addition, town employees will release water from fire hydrants and some valves in the town’s water system and perform basic maintenance on them. The flushing of water mains helps ensure chlorine flows through the entire system.

Flushing will start in the central part of town and then move north and south simultaneously. It is expected to be complete by the end of March, depending on weather. The estimated amount of water flushed is 6 million gallons. Flushing is an allowable discharge into the town’s stormwater system. The flow is controlled to reduce velocity. View the town’s brief video on hydrant flushing.

Several utilities in the region also conduct the required disinfection at this time of year. This includes Hillsborough's interconnected neighboring utilities, Orange Water and Sewer Authority and the City of Durham.

More information

Documents for more information are attached below and available on the town’s Utilities webpages.

  • The Annual Chlorine Disinfection document contains information for customers who use water for special purposes or who notice a chlorine taste and odor in March.
  • The Water System Flushing document contains information on removal or relocation of plants and items around fire hydrants as well as possible air bubbles or discoloration of water from flushing.

Customers also can contact the Water Treatment Plant at 919-732-3621 with any questions on the use of chlorine and the characteristics of the town’s water.

Hillsborough residents who notice they have a clogged stormwater pipe under their driveway or an issue with stormwater flowing properly in drainage ditches in town rights of way may submit a work order with the Public Works Division online or by calling 919-296-9600.

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